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We uphold an uncompromising commitment to precision and technical capability to pursue MEGASUS quality.

Examples of our cutting edges

Product Manufacturing Pursues Customer Satisfaction

As industrial products rapidly increase in functionality and performance, the roundness and straightness of the steel bar and steel coil used as material for parts of those products not only determine product functionality, they also influence yield and cost management in the parts manufacturing process. As a result, customer needs have become increasingly stringent. In full awareness of these factors, MEGASUS engages in product manufacturing with the aim of high precision to the micron level.These technical capabilities are valued highly by many manufacturers, and MEGASUS supplies many types and varieties of product to Japan's major consumer electronics manufacturers and ultra-precision parts manufacturers.

Passing on the Skills of Experienced Expert Artisans

The products we provide cannot be fabricated at high quality just by introducing the most up-to-date machinery to the manufacturing line. Even more than performance of machinery and equipment, the pursuit of roundness, straightness, and other high-precision factors requires the artisan skills of experienced technicians.At MEGASUS, all our plant technicians are full-time regular employees. We encourage them to accumulate extremely detailed knowhow on machine adjustment and operation, to pass on their techniques to other employees, and to deploy their expertise across peer groups. We also go outside the company to actively recruit personnel who are highly experienced in drawing and other metal working processes, and we make every effort to raise our level of technology and precision. MEGASUS quality is supported by the advanced skills of these experienced technicians.