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Product lines

Guide to our product lines

We handle not only stainless steel but various other materials as well.
If you have any questions concerning our products or would like to know whether we handle other kinds of steel, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main kinds of steel handled

●Stainless Steel

Austenitic Stainless Steel

SUS303 SUS303Cu SUS304 SUS304J3 SUS304L SUS304-S

Martensitic Stainless Steel

SUS410 SUS403 SUS416
SUS420J2 SUS420F SUS420F2

Ferritic Stainless Steel

SUS430 SUS430F

Precipitation hardening


Austenitic-Ferriric (Duplex) Stainless Steel


●High-carbon chromium bearing steel


We also handle all kinds of other steel.
Please contact us for information on types of steel not listed above.
Steel types in bold type: We can support all sizes.
Steel types in regular type: We support only the dimensions of the materials in our inventory.

Production range (stainless steel and high-carbon chromium bearing steel only)

Shape Finish Wire diameters that can be manufactured Standard production wire length Standard wire diameter tolerance Notes
BAR Draw bench (combined) materials φ 2.0-φ 3.0mm 2000-2700mm +0,-0.02
φ 3.0-φ 8.0mm 2000-4000mm +0,-0.03
φ 8.0-φ 25.4mm 2000-4000mm +0,-0.03 *1
Wire-straightening and cutting φ 0.8-φ 3.0mm 30-2500mm +0,-0.02 *2
φ 3.0-φ 6.0mm 30-4000mm +0,-0.03
φ 6.0-φ 12.0mm 90-4000mm +0,-0.03
Draw benches φ 26.0-φ 50.0mm 2000-6000mm +0,-0.1 *3
Peeling φ 12.0-φ 60.0mm 2000-6000mm +0.1,-0
Precision cutting φ 6.0-φ 60.0mm 50-2000mm +0,-0.03
COIL BA, A finish φ 0.8-φ 8.0mm +0,-0.03 *4
SP finish φ 0.8-φ 25.4mm *4 *4
Hard finish φ 0.8-φ 5.0mm *4 *4
BA:Bright solution heat treatment; A: annealing; SP: skin pass *1 Depending on the diameters of the wires, products up to 6,000 mm in length can be provided. Contact MEGASUS for details on available lengths.
*2 The lengths that can be manufactured may differ depending on the wire diameter.
*3 Only SUS303 and SUS304 can be used; please contact us for other kinds of steel.
*4 Please contact us for details concerning the finish, wire diameter tolerance, surface films (resin coating, oxalic acid bonding) and other specifications.
For the materials listed for "BAR," chamfering and centerless processing can be performed. Please contact us for details concerning the specifications.
For the materials listed for "COIL," materials for cold forging and for springs can generally be supported.
List of Chemical components (PDF file)