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MEGASUS Positioning

Special steel products from MEGASUS support skilled manufacturing and contribute to technical innovation.

Computers, electronic equipment, motor vehicles, precision equipment.... Parts that support the advanced functionality of items like these call for sophisticated technical capabilities that meet stringent demand requirements so that user products will maintain high precision at the sub-micron level. At MEGASUS we engage in the process of transforming metal bar stock into minutely detailed parts with pride and confidence. We are always seeking to raise the level of our technical capabilities. We act to pass on artisan knowhow that cannot be reproduced by machines. We are specialists in cold-drawn precision processing of stainless steel and other special steels. Everything we do contributes to technical innovation and support manufacturing in Japan. With our uncompromising commitment to technology and precision, MEGASUS aims to maximize corporate value.
  • Computer and Electronic Parts
  • Motor Vehicle Parts
  • Cameras, Clocks, Watches, Precision Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Electrical Products
  • Valve Parts
  • Medical Equipment and Materials
  • Building Materials