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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate name MEGASUS Co., Ltd.
Establishment December 2007
Representative Ikuo Kanai, Representative Director and President
Capital 30 million yen
Registered Head Office 165-7, Aza-Nakayama, Tsutsue, Wadayama-cho, Asago-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Banks Toyooka Branch of the San-in Godo Bank, Kansai Branch of Development Bank of Japan, Toyooka Branch of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Wadayama Branch of the Tajima Bank, Mizuho Bank Temmabashi Branch
Main Areas of Business Cold-drawn precision processing and sales of stainless steel bar
Processing and sales of special steels and high alloy steel


1947 Nabekura Shoten Co., Ltd. established (head office in Osaka-shi)
1952 Newly established Shinonome Plant in Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, began copper and brass coil drawing
1960 Began stainless steel coil and fine wire drawing; advanced into stainless steel field
1971 Changed trade name to Nabekura Metals Co., Ltd.
1974 Newly established Yao Plant in Yao-shi, Osaka Prefecture, to process stainless steel drawn wire products for bicycle baskets
1979 Changed trade name to Nabekura Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1984 Newly established Fukusaki Plant in Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
1985 Completed Phase 2 Fukusaki Plant construction (processing facility for photocopy machine and printer shaft products)
1987 Completed Phase 3 Fukusaki Plant construction
1989 Newly established Wadayama Plant in Wadayama Industrial Complex, Wadayama-cho, Asago-gun, Hyogo Prefecture (now Wadayama-cho, Asago-shi, Hyogo Prefecture)
1995 Completed Phase 2 Wadayama Plant construction (processing facility for hard disk and bicycle parts)
1999 Acquired ISO 9001 certification
2001 Newly established Santo Plant in Santo-cho, Asago-gun, Hyogo Prefecture (now Santo-cho, Asago-shi, Hyogo Prefecture); began pure titanium and titanium alloy coil drawing
December 2007 Established MEGASUS Co., Ltd. (head office in Wadayama-cho, Asago-shi, Hyogo Prefecture; capitalized at 1 million yen) for business continuity of Nabekura Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. based on corporate restructuring scheme by the Osaka Prefecture Small and Medium Size Business Rehabilitation Support Co-operative
January 2008 Capital expansion to 20 million yen
February 2008 Inherited stainless steel coil processing and other metal processing business from Nabekura Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and NBS Co., Ltd., and began business operations
December 2008 Newly established Osaka Division, transferred part of head office function to it, and transferred Osaka Office and integrated into Sales Headquarters
February 2009 Newly established Osaka Division in Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, transferred part of head office function to it, and transferred Osaka Office and integrated into Sales Headquarters
June 2010 Transferred Tokyo Office to Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
March 2017 Established another single-chamber vacuum furnace at Wadayama Plant
January 2020 Capital expansion to 30 million yen

Note: The history of Nabekura Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is also given in order to cover this business history.

Organization Memberships

Osaka Stainless Steel Distributors Association *supporting member
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Toyooka Industries Association