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Main production equipment

Equipment for bars

Combined drawing machines 11 units
Draw bench 1 unit
Peeling machine 1 unit
Wire-straightening and cutting machines 8 units
Chamfering machines 6 units
End-face cutting machines 4 units
Off-line straightening machines 3 units
Cutting machines with circular saws 5 units
Centerless grinding machines 12 units
Eddy current flaw detectors 17 units

Equipment for coils

Continuous wire-drawing machines 9 units
Single block wire-drawing machines 40 units
Super-micro mill 1 unit
Eddy current flaw detectors 6 units

Heat treatment equipment

Vacuum heat treatment furnace (single-chamber) 4 unit
Bright heat treatment furnaces 6 units
Batch type furnace 1 unit
Roller hearth STC furnace 1 unit

Inspection rooms

Universal testing machines (200KN, 500KN) 1 unit each
Rockwell type hardness testing machine 1 unit
Micro Vickers hardness testing machine 1 unit
Roundness measuring machine 1 unit
Surface roughness measuring machine 1 unit
Digital microscope
(12.5x to 1000x magnification)
1 unit
Stereoscopic microscope
(10x to 63x magnification)
1 unit